I took a mini vacay to Budapest in December with a friend. It was such a beautiful city and SO cheap!

Travelling to different places is my absolute favourite thing to do. This year I’m doing lots of mini breaks to keep checking off my travel list (anyone else have that list in their notes on their phone?), in the hope that one day it will cease to exist!

Our Airbnb was perfectly located in the Jewish Quarter, which was in walking distance of pretty much everything we wanted to do and see (if you don’t mind doing 30,000 steps a day, that is).


We brunched like Queens at The New York Café and indulged in a three-course feast accompanied with cocktails and prosecco at Buddha Bar. Buddha Bar in Pest is a must for anyone who loves eating out, as the price is so good compared to what you would pay at the London site. Anyway, when not acting like ballers, we mostly ate goulash, hot dogs and chimney cake at the Christmas markets.


Also, if like me, you’ve been eyeing up the igloos at Coppa Club for about two years but can’t plan 6 months in advance to make a reservation-Budapest has the rooftop answer-360 bar! We arrived too late to get an igloo (our flight didn’t land until 8pm), but it was still really cool and would be super in summer when its not -3.

Ruin bars are dilapidated buildings in Budapest that have been turned into cool bars and are all the rage apparently. We went to Anker’t and it was the perfect place to chill with a bottle of red.

The sightseeing tourist list is endless in Budapest and all are incredible-I was in awe of the architecture. We started at Zara (no joke, I left my scarf on the plane and had to replace it ASAP) then walked along the Danube to see Shoes on the Danube, Parliament and crossed a bridge to Buda and another to get back to base at St Stephens Basilica in Pest. The next day we took the metro over to Buda from the NY café as I was in the process of breaking in my new DM’s and couldn’t do an hour walk-clearly I had no idea what was in store for me. We walked from Fisherman’s Bastion via Castle Hill to the Citadella.


The Citadella. OMG. So. Many. Steps/Slopes. To put it into perspective, my phone says 57 floors were climbed. But WOW, the views (and pics) were totally worth the struggle. The views are 4th on my list of top views (no.1 being the Empire State Building, no.2 being the Grand Canyon and finally no.3 the Burj Khalifa).


The icing on the Budapest cake was a visit to the historic Gellert Spa. We had all day access and a back massage for £40. The baths themselves are so nice, especially when it was snowing, 0 degrees outside and you’ve been breaking DM’s in all weekend.


I highly recommend Budapest for a city break, as you can do so many things for a fraction of the price you would pay in other cities. In total, we spent around £250 each staying from Fri-Mon, but it could be done for a lot less if you don’t feel the need to make the most of being extravagant in a place where it’s so easy to be!

Top Recommendations:

360 Bar


New York Café

Buddha Bar


Gellert Spa

Megan xo

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