Mom Jeans

I’ve been struggling with Mom jeans for a while now; I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Topshop Joni jeans are my absolute trusted pair of high waist skinnies. Literally, could they be any more perfect? Super stretchy and a super fit-I love them and will never buy skinny jeans anywhere else. However, upon upping my denim game, I’ve realised that Joni’s have set a standard for me that now feels impossible for any other jean to meet.

Sounding 57, but being only 27, I’ve come to the conclusion far too young in my life that I like being comfy (OMG even I can’t not laugh at how sad I sound lol-or cry, not sure which yet-I’ll keep you updated). Joni’s have given me unrealistic expectations that when wearing jeans, I could just pull a Lord of the Dance pose at any point and they would stretch to the occasion without a single seam splitting.

Enter, ASOS Farleigh jeans.

I ordered a pair of these a few months ago, but immediately sent them back because they didn’t really feel very “Mommy” on me and had no stretch (cue beginning of Joni ruining my denim life). A couple of other unsuccessful Mom jean fitting sessions later, there I was again a couple of weeks ago, transferring those Farleigh jeans from my saved items into my bag on my trusty ASOS app.

My thing with Mom jeans is-I’m so used to fitted, stretchy jeans that I’ve lost all memory of what actual denim feels like. So finding my perfect pair has been a real struggle for those reasons.


I ordered two pairs-Washed Black and Prince Wash with Busted Knees. Both colours were exactly what I wanted. I find these jeans are snug around the waist/bum/thighs and have the Mom fit around the calves/ankles, which works well, if like me, the transition from Skinny to Mom has been a stressful experience. As these jeans are close fitting from the knees up, it’s worth going for your size or one up around the waist (the perfect height of high waist, may I add) and I also found these jeans more “Mommy” when I opted for a 32” leg length instead of my usual 30”.


I was (again, like the first time I ordered them) a bit dubious when I first put them on, as the denim was so stiff, it made bending down to tie my shoelaces up quite difficult (cry). Anyway, after one outing in each of them-I can ecstatically say that they have worn in, feel more comfortable and they still hold the same fit.


As far as non-stretchy, stiff denim goes, I love the Farleigh-they are so flattering! They perfectly nip in at the waist (which is super high and I love it), fit snug on the hips and thighs with the Mom finish on the calf and ankles, they were the update my denim drawer needed.

So no, I don’t need to cry about not being comfy, I just need to step outside of my too comfy Joni’s.

Megan xo

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