Coats & Jackets | Essentials vs Excessive

Now, I already know I’m excessive.

As you may not yet know, I, on average, buy two jackets or coats a month. Yes, already=excessive. I just LOVE coats and jackets too much.

However, before we end this post right there, let me divulge further.

Obviously, living in England means that jackets and coats are an essential part of our wardrobes from September through to at least April. Therefore, I personally feel that jackets and coats (shall I make a key so I don’t have to keep typing that over and over?) are the key piece in all of my outfits, this is probably the reason why I have amassed a collection of around 20 (luckily my Husband is easy to justify these things to).


Below are what I believe to be my essentials, with a couple of excessives thrown in for good measure…

Puffer (preferably waterproof and with a hood)

Who hasn’t owned the classic Zara puffer they sell every year?

I decided to change it up this year (and last year, but as mentioned, this list is the essentials!) with this oversized quilted Pull&Bear jacket. Super warm, on trend and only £29.99. I opted for black, as this is my go-to colour. My only fault is that there is no hood.


PU or Leather

Absolute essential! I lost my previous Topshop PU jacket at The Grand in Clapham around a year ago and only just brought a replacement. I did buy a grey suede biker jacket from Zara to replace it, but it was just never the same…So I opted for this PU one, again, from Zara at a reasonable £49.99. Perfect for nights out, if you don’t lose it like me.

Attachment-1 (1).jpeg


Comes in all different styles and sizes! My current squeeze being an oversized, washed black style from Topshop at £46.

Attachment-1 (2).jpeg


Me being me, I own quite a few statement J’s. My ultimate statement J is a grey marabou feather one that I snapped up in the Topshop sale a couple of years ago.

Attachment-1 (3)

Throw on duster

Shocker-I own more than one of these. This grey wool C from Zara finishes off any outfit perfectly-promise!



Ok, so this one is a definite must have currently. My favourite find was this Topshop double-breasted one-the tobacco colour absolutely pops! However, I’ve just sold this and updated it with this Zara one!

Attachment-1 (4).jpeg


The crème de la crème of all my C’s-my All Saints wrap. It’s dark navy (basically black), looks and feels the hefty price tag and is absolutely timeless.

Attachment-1 (5)

It’s taken me two years to build my J&C collection…I think I moved to London with three coats. But it’s definitely been worth the time and money, as I love having different looks through winter when I’ve just been able to throw a chunky knit on underneath.


I’m definitely a mixture of both essential and excessive (maybe slightly more excessive-oops), however, I am a depop enthusiast and try not to be a hoarder. My rule is to sell and replace-to a certain extent that still allows for excess. Does anybody else have a J&C obsession? Or another specific item they cant stop buying?

Megan xo


J&C=Jackets and coats



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