January | Wardrobe Update

FINALLY, January payday arrived. It’s been a looong month!

As it’s my Birthday on Saturday and I’m going to Paris on Sunday, obviously I need/have to buy some new clothes for the occasions-so here’s what has been purchased or is in my wishlist, ready to be purchased (come on ASOS, send me my 20% off code please!).



ego chesta

An update on my leather Topshop ones-I went for these as they are lyrca and I love the super pointy toe.

& Other Stories

and other stories 1

A spring update for my knitwear-colour! I have been looking for a pale blue jumper for aaages and I’ve found “the one”.

and other stories 2

I’m thinking I’m going to wear this chunky green one for my bday with my cute black skirt (keep scrolling) and sock boots. I love & Other Stories knitwear-the prices are a bit more expensive than average but the quality is fantastic, they have such a great range of timeless styles and colours plus (the biggest plus) they don’t bobble or lose their quality, so I keep them for years!



LOVING everything about this Asymmetric Wrap Skirt-the buttons, the shape, the colour (black-my fav!).



Sold my Topshop version on Depop when I saw this beauty. This Zara Teddy is what bear dreams are made of. Get ready to be bombarded of pics of me wearing this in Paree next week gals.


My wishlist is never ending so here are my fav five.

This White Oversized Sweat is perfect for throwing on with jeans and trainers-exactly what I do when I get up at 5am.

This amazing Denim Midi Skirt-love the colour and cut but it feels far too early to buy it. Hurry up Spring.

Continuing the upping my denim drawer, these Balloon Leg Jeans look like a dream, I can’t wait to order them (again, waiting for that 20% bday discount!).

OK, I’m looking obsessed with denim. This Shirt though!

Can’t wait for the discount-ordering this Spot Print Ruffle Dress as a Plan B bday outfit!

Happy January Payday shopping to one and all!

Megan xo

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