Birthday Cake

I often find (well, actually every Birthday) that from being a Cake Decorator, I or friends and family forget about a Bday cake or assume you will make one for yourself. Therefore, this year, I decided I was going to make myself a pretty little pink Bday cake!

I had already masked a 6″ vanilla sponge consisting of four layers as I wanted my cake to be tall. I made meringues and mini (not so great) macarons in advance to attach in random places-which actually turned into a waterfall of them.

As you can see in the video, I cover my cake in white frosting using my palette knife. I then added pink blobs of frosting from a piping bag I had made earlier and smoothed around the cake with my palette knife once again to create the fading effect. I used a some warm water to get it as smooth as possible as I don’t own a scraper, which would have been useful for this.


Using the tip of my palette knife (honestly, the best tool for decorating) on top of my cake, I lightly drag it from the outer edge in a circle all the way to the middle, creating a huge swirl.

I then piped some splodges using my pink piping bag to attach my meringues and macarons to the cake and piped my own “Happy Birthday Megan” message on it.

Finally, I transferred my cake onto a pink fondant covered drum board with pink ribbon around the edge. Voila!

Megan xo

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