For part 2 of my birthday week (lets face it-who celebrates their birthday on just the day now!?), my Husband and I went to Paris for 3 nights.

We took the Eurostar on Sunday at 10.30am and arrived at our Airbnb in Saint-Germain-Des-Pres by 2pm (with 1 hour time difference). Our Airbnb was in the perfect location, one minute from a Metro station and a stones throw from all the Parisian cafes and bistros of Saint-Germain. It was also super warm, thankfully, as it snowed for our whole stay.


On Sunday, we took a lovely, cold walk along the (flooded) River Seine and then went to Cafe de Flore in S-G to have a couple of glasses of Moet. After a quick outfit change we headed to Cafe Montparnasse for dinner, where we had steak and beef bourguignon-both were divine. Heads up that so many places in France are closed on Sundays (dreamy!), so it’s worth a bit of research to find places that are open.


After a much-needed sleep we headed out on Monday towards the Eiffel Tower, more specifically to an insta hotspot dream which is Avenue de Cameons. It was a bit of a trek in the snowy conditions-but worth it. After a little photoshoot there, we walked up to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower-omg-my one recommendation is take the elevator.


One uber later, we’re in the gorgeous Angelina. The food here was incredible, we had savoury croissants followed by tarte au citron and all was mouth-wateringly good. We then walked along Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomph, with a stop off at & Other Stories and Sephora, obviously. We caught the Metro to the Louvre and spent a while being art critiques and of course, went to view the Mona Lisa.


On Monday evening, we reserved a table at the historical brasserie Bofinger after a recommendation. I ate beef fillet while Jimmy had the Bofinger sauerkraut which came with a variety of meats. For dessert, we had creme brûlée and crepes flambeed in grand marnier. The whole evening was perfect, the food was amazing and the place itself was SO Parisian.

As we all know, I love an Insta hotspot, so on Tuesday morning we took the Metro to the picturesque Montmatre-the epitome of french beauty. This classic area is literally what my dreams of French villages are like, except it’s in a city. We explored on foot for an hour or so before stopping off for yet another croissant for breakfast before continuing on to Insta hotspot number 1. La Maison Rose. Up to Sacre Coeur we walked, freezing in the snow. The church is beautiful and I’m sure the views would probably be better on a clear day rather than in a snow blizzard, but it was still nice. We then walked towards the Moulin Rouge, stopping off at multiple cafes en route for coffee. I also dropped in Maje and ended up buying ANOTHER coat, my justification was that I saved money on it being in Paris and all. I love Maje and I want my entire wardrobe to be from there please. Before a quick afternoon nap, we visited Notre Dame which was extraordinary and had numerous coffee breaks in SG on the walk back. One in particular was Creperie des Pecheurs where we had a savoury crepe, it’s the sweetest little place.




Post nap, we went to meet a friend in Republique at a wine bar called Le Barav. We had a selection from the tapas-inspired menu, which were all meat and cheese based. The truffled brie is to die for. This was the cheapest meal we had the whole time in Paris and probably the least tourist-y restaurant-its a great find.

Our eurostar back wasn’t until 5pm, so we started with brioche for breakfast at a cute cafe called Bread&Roses. We then did another spot of shopping (because) and stopped off at a couple of favourite cafes for Tart Tatin and hot chocolate.


Paris is a beautiful city and we saw and did everything we wanted to in our stay of 3 nights/4 days. It was definitely more expensive than my last city break to Budapest, which was expected, but equally wasn’t a shock, having been to NYC and other city destinations. Our whole trip cost over £1100 (not including my coat-oops) but we did over indulge as usual, so it definitely doesn’t need to this much. The city felt very relaxed and was easy to explore. Plus if you love Maje and Sandro-they are everywhere!

My next trip is to Amsterdam in 5 weeks-if anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them.

Megan xo




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