Musing | Generation Rent

I don’t own a house, but it is a goal both my husband and I would like to achieve within, for example purposes, three years (in an ideal world, it would be one, obviously).

With us millennials being the so-called “generation rent”, I go through stages of wondering whether it’s even worth having “owning a house” on our agenda?

Living in London, we are definitely paying as close to the same in rent here as what we would be paying for a mortgage here. But do I even want to own a house (I say house very loosely, I’m thinking more 1 bedroom flat) in London? I always imagined that when I did buy somewhere to live, it would be a period house with original features and pretty white shutters at the windows (basically what I live in now, but only the ground floor apartment version of my imaginary Victorian terrace, of course). Maybe this is because I am originally from Norfolk, I always lived in a house, I can’t imagine buying a flat and living in a flat for a considerable portion of my life for the sake of owning it?

On the flipside, I can’t imagine living in Norfolk now. If we moved to Norfolk, we could buy the dream house relatively easily, but with that comes; my husband having to commute, which comes with us not seeing each other as much and me having to change jobs (not sure if citymapper could work out how I would get to Soho for 6am from Norwich) and also lack of job opportunities. I love living in London, there are so many different places to go and everything is so accessible. I’m not sure how I would enjoy going to the same places and not being able to just go shopping in Zara or Topshop after 6pm? Not that I go shopping every night, but the option is always there, just like if I want to go out out on a Tuesday until 4am-its possible.

In my head, I’m ready to own a house, but I’m not ready to decide where. Moving back to Norfolk would be sacrificing so much for one thing we want but for a now unknown way of life to us (I mean, how do you even know what bus stop is which  to get off at without both a voice alert and an electronic sign telling you?). Staying in London provides us with our life comforts but not a real home to call our own.

I get serious FOMO at the thought of even moving out of London, has anybody done it and lived to tell the tale from the countryside? I would love to hear your stories!

I think we often focus so much on one thing that we forget to enjoy and appreciate what we already have. Also, that there are so many things in life that we can measure our success on, not just having a mortgage. I’m definitely still keeping it on my to-do list, but not letting it consume my life, so I can take more time to value the present.

Megan xo

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