As mentioned before, I like my skincare routine to be quick and simple. I’ve now added a couple of Elemis products to my routine as they are soooo good! I usually don’t like to spend a lot on skincare (quite happy with my skin and I prefer buying clothes), but I absolutely had to buy these two products after using the samples.

Rewind a few weeks to when I met a couple of nice gals on an afternoon (turned evening) out on the wine in Soho. A make up tutorial later and we’re all loving life. We got talking about skincare and one of these lovely gals (who worked in skincare) gave me 2 samples of Elemis products after I told her my skincare needs.

The next day, I began using them after discovering them in my bag (completely forgot they were in there-oops). The first product is Smart Cleanse Micellar Water, which I douse a cotton wool pad in and use to take all of my make up off-I couldn’t believe how well it worked! I used to feel like I never completely removed all of my make up, but now I feel totally cleansed of it.


The other product is Ginseng Rehydrating Toner. If, like me, you don’t drink enough water because life is always getting in the way, this is what you need! From the first use, I immediately noticed after using this how much brighter, healthier and radiant my complexion looks. Again, I douse a cotton pad in it and wipe my whole face with it.

After using the samples, I had to buy them! I brought them from ASOS (obvs), using my 20% birthday discount.

Although on the more expensive end of the spectrum, these are totally worth it for how amazing they are. Using these has changed my view on buying less expensive products because the results just aren’t the same. I cannot recommend them enough!

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