I had a mammoth hair appointment on Friday. One of those where you get the full works and it feels SO fresh afterwards (insert hair flick).

My last hair appointment was just before Christmas, it had been around 8 weeks so I was ready for a hair overhaul. I followed my hairdresser last year from Rush in Balham to Baker Street, because he did my hair just how I wanted it.


I love Rush, you can drink prosecco, wine etc while you’re having your hair done which is more than ideal after work.

My hair is naturally quite thin and although I know bleaching doesn’t help that, I love balayage. My hair used to grow longer when it was brunette, however, when I see pictures I just don’t think one tone brunette suits me.


So the full works was: Root colour, half head balayage, a treatment and a haircut. Coming in at a tasty £220, which is pretty average for London.

I’m thinking of having the balayage a light brown next time, instead of blonde, as maybe this will make my hair healthier and longer. Although at the moment, I’m quite happy with the length as it looks so fresh.

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