8 Week Scan

In my first couple of weeks of finding out that I was pregnant, I googled everything possible (more on the google devil in later posts!), which I guess is quite a common thing to do. Hours and days deep into the google black hole, I was reading about miscarriages and a whole load of other anxiety inducing things (mostly very rare but of course, high on the google search!), when I read that your miscarriage rate is reduced to below 2% if you can hear a heartbeat at 8 weeks. Anything that could give me some confirmation of things happening and developing ok and reducing my general anxieties by 4 weeks was a no brainer for me, so I booked the scan. I did some research online for places that provide early scans and came across The Birth Company in Harley Street.

You can choose between a Sonographer or a Consultant. If you have had any problems or concerns, it’s better to see a Consultant. For me, because my pregnancy had been plain sailing, we opted for the Sonographer.

Our appointment lasted around 10 minutes and was just so amazing. We viewed the fuzzy babe for what seemed like ages, really it was just a ball of fuzz (now looking back from my 12 week scan-it really was just fuzz in a sack)! Our Sonographer played us the heartbeat a few times, which was the best bit and so surreal!


The service was personal and caring, unlike some reviews I had read of other companies. After the scan, they send you a text and an email so that you can access the stills and videos online and download and share them.

We paid £100 for the appointment, which personally, I think is priceless! The relief, reassurance and actual confirmation it provided us (mostly me!) with was overwhelming.

Miscarriage is clearly something everyone is conscious and aware of in the first 12 weeks and as I was too very much for those first few weeks of knowing. However, even before my scan I started to change my mindset. My thoughts were that the first trimester is a THIRD of your pregnancy and if nothing happens to indicate any issues, then why spend that amount of time in your pregnancy worrying about allllll of these things? Easier said than done, but it helped to ease my anxieties and enjoy my first trimester!

I will be using The Birth Company for more scans throughout my pregnancy, I’ve already scheduled my 16 week gender scan (which I’m too excited about!) ready for my Gender Reveal Party!

It’s so funny, I still feel like I’m not old enough to have a baby and should be starring in Teen Mom. Is that normal? Does anyone else feel like that?


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