First buys for the babe

I love shopping, it’s my favourite thing to do. Naturally, when I found out I was having a baby, high on my priority list was my baby shopping list!

Even though I’m only 13 weeks, I feel like I’ve already brought loads, I probably haven’t. Starting to buy things has made it feel a bit more real as currently I still have no bump to show, maybe I’ll start believing it a bit more when there is one. For first time Mama’s, I get the feeling the list can get longer and more expensive than it needs to be. Everything unnecessary is aimed at us.ย I think my list is sensible but has a few splurges on it, of course.

I am super specific with my taste, as you will be able to tell from the muted tones of my purchases. Anything bright, garish or looks like Peppa Pig has vomited over it is just not my vibe and doesn’t look good on the ‘gram (fam, take note). Here’s a few things I’ve brought so far, all in black and grey (lol).

Gray Label Baby Suit

This shop is my dream. I just brought one thing though as most of the beaut items are more expensive than things in my own wardrobe.

Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Baby Pod

Literally recommended by everyone and has rave reviews, so had to have it.


Ewan The Dream Sheep (grey)

This “sleep aid” (wow how Mumsy does that sound) plays white noise/womb sounds and glows like natural light through the skin to the womb apparently. Another one with good reviews, so we’ll give it a try.


Snuzpouch in Cloud Nine

Sooo many sleep sacks around, but I went for this one for two reasons. 1. It’s grey . 2. You can unzip it to change nappies hassle-free supposedly. Having only changed a nappy once, only time will tell.


Angelcare Bath Support (grey)

It’s got good reviews and matches my towels.


Baby Bjorn One Air Carrier (black)

My husband was insistent on this, so we brought the most recent version.

baby bjorn

Tiba+Marl x Selfridges Xander Holdall

After my Husband complaining about my choices of Tiba+Marl bags looking too “girly”, we finally agreed on this one. This was definitely a splurge, but I wanted a stylish bag that was also obviously practical and from what I can tell, Tiba+Marl are as practical as they come.

tiba and marl

moKee Mini Cot (stone teal)

I just love it so much! Muted and minimal, my perfect combo. I saw this cot on display in the Gray Label shop in Amsterdam and immediately loved it. It’s so me to buy a cot when I haven’t got a room to put it in yet (we are moving), but I just didn’t have any patience as this one is so nice and is a great price.


Has anyone else started buying this much so early on or do I just love spending money?


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