Dressing with a bump

Jumping straight in, any clothes labelled “Maternity” immediately sound off-putting to me. It just brings up connotations of frumpy and boring (soz).

After getting super hot and super grumpy on the tube home this week, I knew it was time to start investing in both summer and bump friendly clothes.

I want to basically wear clothes that I would ordinarily wear, however I’m soon discovering that this is not fully possible with an ever expanding bump.

Here’s a few of my yays and nays…


ASOS button through linen dress

Nope. I suppose it was wishful thinking that this would skim the bump, it wouldn’t do up from beneath my navel to beneath my chest. Think of a when people wear their t-shirts too tight and their beer belly is out at the bottom…turn that 90 degrees and that’s what this looked like.

ZARA midi dress

Well, first of all I had to try on a Large for it to fit around my chest and that’s a modest 32D so…it made my shoulders and back look weird as it was too big there.


ASOS maternity V neck smock dress

This is great for so many reasons. £15. Airy. It fits. Voila.

ASOS maternity smock dress

A pattern is emerging here. £15. Airy. It fits. I’m going to be wearing black dresses all summer.

ASOS soft trapeze dress

This one isn’t going to go the full distance, but it will for a few more weeks *fingers crossed*. It’s super lightweight and comfy.

TOPSHOP maternity tie bodycon dress

So cute, I love it! Fits like a dream and adds some colour to this monochromatic list.

This is all the dresses I’m buying for now as I’m hoping that more will come out soon in time for my holiday and the real summer!

TOP TIP: Buy ASOS items ASAP after you see them as they sell out so quickly *sob sob sob*, I’ve been disappointed so many times this week when going to add things in my wish list to my basket.

I would love to know where other people are shopping for their clothes and what they are buying!?


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