My Husband and I have just been on the loveliest babymoon to the island of Ischia in Italy. It’s in the gulf of Naples, kind of near Capri and the Amalfi coast (all of which we were meant to visit, but opted for relaxation instead and decided we just have to go to those places another time).

I’d never been to Italy before, but it’s now safe to say that I absolutely LOVE it and will definitely visit again.

Ischia is an hour by boat from Naples, we caught a taxi (which FYI, drive insanely!) to the port from the airport and our hotel was literally 3 minutes walk from the port in Ischia #winning. When we visited, it was so nice and quiet, not super busy like the Amalfi coast.

We stayed at the Pagoda hotel in Ischia Porto and it was beautiful! It was on a cliff next to the sea-picture perfect version of Italy.

During the days, we mostly just chilled, ate, drank, swam and sunbathed. On one day, we kind of caught the bus to Lacco Ameno (we missed our stop, so then got a taxi). Seriously, when you’re not in London where the automated voice tells you which stop you’re at, how the hell do you know where to get off? Mind blown. Anyway, we went to Negombo Thermal Gardens which was incredible and completely exceeded my expectations! There are 34 thermal pools and baths to use and each one is different and just as divine as each other. We basically climbed a mountain to get to the “source” and the views were so worth it! We ate lunch at Fuga which overlooks the beach and is apparently one of the most reserved restaurants on the island, so we were lucky to get the only spare table they had left when we strolled in.

Every night we ate pasta or pizza (when in Italy), the best pizza we had was at Pizzeria Pirozzi in Ischia Ponte, honestly the most delicious pizza I’ve had in my entire life!

Another great holiday with my Husband (thanks for being the best insta-husband), I can’t believe that when we go away next year there will be 3 of us!

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