4D Scan

I’m an ultrasound obsessive and had my 4DHD scan this week at The Birth Company on Harley Street. I’ve had all my private scans here and I cannot rave about them enough!

I had the scan at 28+2 days. 28 weeks is apparently the best time as after 30+ weeks they can’t move around as much, so if they are in an awkward position for the scan, it’s more difficult to get them in the right one.


Prior to the scan, my Husband thought that these scans were weird as obviously, all of the pictures look a bit like a clay mould. However, as it got closer he was more enthusiastic that it was actually going to be our baby’s face. We had our Midwife appointment the day before; so hearing the heartbeat hyped him up a bit lols.

baby 4

After a normal ultrasound of taking measurements and checking organs etc, it was time for the 4D part. I had to get up, bend over and wiggle to try and get him to turn over. Then put my hips in the air whilst laying on the bed and shake them-which finally got him in mostly the right position. Then I had to turn over onto my left side and that’s how we fiiiiinally got all the pictures and videos (also after a lot of “Come on baby” egging on by the Sonographer)!

We’ve got 6 videos and 8 stills of him, almost allll of them he is touching his face or sucking his thumb (cheers hun), but we love them all.

It’s SO surreal that that is actually the face of our baby-I can’t quite believe it. I was only saying to my friends and Jimmy the other day that I don’t really look down at my belly and think that there’s actually a baby in there-I just see it as a bump and then I’ll have a baby at the end. Anyway, Jimmy is convinced he has his nose and was squishing his nose in all day to prove this to me. He also thinks he has lips, which I’ll be more than happy with as he does have super plump lips!

So that’s probably the last time we’ll see our baby until he’s actually here!

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