“Maternity” Style

The word “Maternity” still makes me cringe. It fills me with dread, the only maternity section you’ll catch me in is Topshop and I have a dabble in ASOS. I’ve always loved clothes and didn’t want this to change when I became pregnant. I didn’t want to start wearing jersey wrap tops anytime soon (why does everything have to be wrap style!?).

A few people have messaged me asking me where I’ve got some of my clothes from so I thought I would share a few.

I’ve been feeling the heat SOOO much the past couple of weeks now-literally if I walk for 2 minutes down the road I’m a hot, sweaty, grouchy mess. So my current fav outfit is an oversized tee and cycling shorts (traded for pants or leggings if I’m staying at home-super glam!).

I got this dress from Stradivarius-when I went in I loved everything in there! Jersey pieces are great so that you don’t have to buy exclusively from the Maternity sections. I did buy it 2 sizes up as otherwise the buttons were popping open!

This is from the Maternity section at Topshop and it’s my favourite dress to wear as I find it actually keeps me quite cool.

This is actually not maternity, but they sell a maternity version. This is from ASOS. It’s getting a bit on the short side but I just throw my cycling shorts under and I’m good to go!

This dress is from H&M and I loved it! I got it in a size up and it fitted perfectly. They also sell it in blue.

I loved this dress until I wore it outside in the heat. It’s from ASOS and actually it’s a bit too closely cut and it will probably only fit me for 3/4 more weeks.

Another one from Stradivarius, I actually got this in my usual size and it just stretched perfectly over my bump.

The Topshop “It” dress-needed to have it! Had to go 2/3 sizes up in this for it to fit as it zips up at the back below the waist and is 1. Definitely not going to fit me again and 2. I don’t have anywhere to wear it. But it was totally worth it as I’ve already sold it for the same price I bought it for!

My two main mantras when it comes to pregnancy dressing have been:

-If I wouldn’t wear it when I wasn’t pregnant, I’m not going to wear it when I am.

-If it fits, looks good and feels comfortable then it doesn’t matter what size or section it’s from.

As you can see, the only thing I’ve wearing all summer is dresses! They are just so easy to throw on. But I’m definitely looking forward to wearing jeans, jumper and a coat in a few months-I prefer winter clothes so much!

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