I’m about to be a bit controversial and share my personal worries on breastfeeding (this is no reflection on what I think of others…I think that women that breastfeed are amazing for doing so and I hope that I feel as passionately about it one day as others do!), but anyway-fed is best so they say! It’s a subject that massively divides everyone, but doesn’t everything!?I’ve discussed my thoughts with a couple of people so know I’m not the only person that has mixed feelings towards breastfeeding (thank god!).

So, first and foremost, the thought of myself breastfeeding makes me feel quite animalistic, like a cow being milked is how I described it to one of my friends.

If I don’t breastfeed, my Husband and I can share feeding, which I feel would involve him more in taking care of our son and put less pressure on me.

The millions of breastfeeding horror stories you hear and see on all platforms-whether its bleeding, cracked nipples, leaking nipples to painful feeding-can I deal with that? I don’t feel like I’m a complete pansy when it comes to pain and being uncomfortable but all of that stuff just makes me want to avoid it completely!

Obviously I’m well informed that breast milk contains nutrients etc that formula doesn’t along with many other benefits and I feel this should outweigh my troubles. I’m just struggling to get over my worries. I want to feel rewarded by breastfeeding (as so many Mother’s do), but I don’t feel like I actually really want to do it. There is definitely an enormous amount of pressure put on Mother’s to breastfeed and I am 100% feeling it. Hopefully when my baby arrives, I will do what naturally feels best for both of us. I’m already preparing myself to try and not feel guilty if I bottle feed.

I would love to hear from Mum’s-to-be and Mum’s on their experiences-both breastfeeding and formula feeding-do you have any similar feelings to me? What worked best for you?

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