Baby Shower

I had my baby shower this weekend and it was so lovely! A couple of my besties and myself organised and we couldn’t have been happier with it.

We used decorations and props from Ginger Ray, made a makeshift photo booth from voile and false flowers and ordered looooads of balloons to finish it all off (all 50 of them wouldn’t fit in my mini so we had to also order an Uber XL to get the rest to my friends-classic).

I ordered my cake from Flavourtown Bakery in Fulham and it was super delicious! I added fresh flowers and a cake topper for decoration.

We played “My waters broke”. My friend brought some creepy plastic babies and froze them in ice cubes…and whoever’s melted first won! We also had to write down something baby related for every letter of the alphabet which was a struggle!

I got my dress from Topshop very last minute when I decided I didn’t like my other option anymore..but I don’t think it’s going to fit for very long. Anything stretchy is now my staple for the remaining 7 weeks (please be on time hun!), I can’t wait to wear a normal pair of jeans again!

All my friends and family got me so many gorgeous gifts-baby boy is already spoilt and has a stylish wardrobe waiting for him!

Thank you so much to everyone!

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