Lake District

My Husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary last week-I can’t believe we’ve been married for 2 years already!

We usually go on holiday for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc and we had originally booked to go to Iceland for this anniversary aaages ago, obviously not thinking about any timings! Verging on 36 weeks pregnant, we decided to cancel as we wouldn’t have done half of the things on the agenda with how slow I’m feeling!

Instead we decided on a staycation spa break in the Lake District, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for some time. We booked The Langdale Hotel&Spa for 2 nights as it 1. Had a spa 2. Looked beaut and 3. Was near to some towns and villages.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and went straight to the pool after a 5 hour drive from London. It was so nice to feel weightless and be able to move my body completely freely (getting out of the car or putting on any shoes that aren’t sliders is nearing impossible).

Our room was literally 20 metres from a field with some cows in, which we were loving! It was so refreshing to go to the countryside, hearing all the moo-ing was really entertaining me and I loved the fact that the sheep were just EVERYWHERE roaming around.

We ate at the hotel restaurant both evenings as the first night was so good. It was called Stove and breakfast was also served in there, which were the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while!

On Monday morning, we visited Grasmere and Ambleside-both idyllic villages and exactly how I pictured the Lake District. We stopped for a cream tea (so granny, I love it) at The Apple Pie Cafe&Bakery in Ambleside, which was super quaint and a really traditional bakery. We purchased a gorgeous grey sheepskin as a souvenir which is looking great in my new lounge over my armchair (inspo from Apres Ski!).

The best part of our trip was Monday afternoon, when we had booked into Brimstone Spa. We each had an hour long massage (the pregnancy massage gave me actual life), then used the spa facilities afterwards. It’s a rooftop spa so is up in the trees, which makes it the most beautiful (and instagrammable) spot for relaxing in the thermal pool. It was a truly amazing afternoon/evening and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our anniversary at 35 weeks pregnant!

We’ve moved house this weekend, so I could use this all over again right now!

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